Sunday, July 1, 2012

[Gift] Adult Female, "Top Vintage & Retro - Rose and Deer" + PeggyZone 08012 + Trapping Clean and Crisp 3t2

I share today with you, the Special gift of July.
For the occasion I decided to make several gifts, because I took a lot of delay in the updates of HDT! So I offer you five t-shirts, two retextured hair and ... Now the news retextured hair are available for all ages!
I would try to modify the older retextured hair for they are for all age too, but it will be so looooong to do that ((‾Δ‾)))"" ...
But I hope you enjoy it ¤▼¤!

         (bang & bow not included)

- Top's mesh by Simal modified by me is included - oops, no the mesh isn't included get mesh HERE -
- Hair's mesh not included - get mesh at : PEGGYZONE or BOOTYSIMS, and TRAPPING -

Credits - PeggyZone, Trapping, KotiCouture, Kotangens, Emelia, Martini, Io, Elissu, Yuxi, E-Studio, Tifa, Yummy, Guagua, Heinz, Jessi, and many others, a big thank you to all of you!
Models - one by NujiaeMichelle by KotangensEmma by MaryNoelyne by Ludovic and others & all men by Klaus*.